Tuesday, January 20, 2015

All the Cubs Inserts From the 1990s

This is the decade that saw the development of modern inserts.

The 1990s begin where the 80s left off, with the glossy All-Stars in rack packs and glossy rookies in Jumbo packs.

The glossy cards run ended in 1992.  In fact, there were no inserts at all in the 1992 set.  There were the gold cards, but I consider them parallels, not inserts.  And sadly, the 1992 set was the first to be sold without gum.

Inserts returned in 1993 with the 44-card Black Gold set.  Black Gold returned again the next year.

The 1995 set saw the inclusion of three different insert sets.  There were Cyberstats cards, which extrapolated the 1994 strike shorted stats over a complete season, League Leaders, and Total Bases Finest.  If I had to put a starting date on modern inserts, I'd choose 1995 because of the three different sets.

Moving forward through the rest of the 1990s we get all sorts of insert sets, like Confrontations, Masters of the Game, Mystery Finest, Five Star Finest, Power Boosters, Profiles, Road Warriors, and a slew more.

Though there were tons of inserts sets, there aren't tons of Cubs.  The '90s Cubs teams weren't very good.  They tallied just 45 total inserts and 24 of those are of just three players, Mark Grace, Sammy Sosa, and Kerry Wood.

Here are the 45 Cubs inserts from the 1990s:

And here is the checklist I used to come up with my 45 cards

1990 Glossy All Stars: 3 Ryne Sandberg
Glossy Rookies: 26 Dwight Smith, 29 Jerome Walton
1991 Glossy All Stars: 19 Andre Dawson, 14 Ryne Sandberg
Glossy Rookies, 11 Mike Harkey
1993Black Gold, 3 Andre Dawson, 12 Greg Maddux, 17 Ryne Sandberg
1994Black Gold, 33 Mark Grace, 40 Randy Myers, 42 Sammy Sosa
Traded Finest: NO CUBS
1995Cyberstats: 264 Willie Banks, 163 Steve Buechele, 226 Jim Bullinger, 122 Shawon Dunston, 212 Kevin Foster, 61 Mark Grace, 353 Derrick May, 180 Randy Myers, 9 Sammy Sosa, 147 Steve Trachsel, 294 Rick Wilkins, 26 Eduardo Zambrano
Cyberstats Season in Review: NO CUBS
League Leaders: NO CUBS
Total Bases Finest: NO CUBS
19965 Star Mystery Finest: NO CUBS
Confrontations: NO CUBS
Masters of the Game: NO CUBS
Mystery Finest, 15 Sammy Sosa
Power Boosters: NO CUBS
Profiles AL: NO CUBS
Profiles NL, 9 Sammy Sosa
Road Warriors: NO CUBS
Wrecking Crew: NO CUBS
1997All-Stars: NO CUBS
Awesome Impact: 11 Brooks Kieschnick
Hobby Masters, 19 Sammy Sosa
Inter-League Match Ups, 5 Sammy Sosa
Season's Best: NO CUBS
Series 2 Supers: NO CUBS
Sweet Strokes, 5 Mark Grace
Team Timber: NO CUBS
1998Baby Boomers: NO CUBS
Clout 9: NO CUBS
Etch-A-Sketch: NO CUBS
Flashback: NO CUBS
Focal Point: NO CUBS
Hall Bound: NO CUBS
Inter-League Mystery Finest, 19 Mark Grace, 17 Sammy Sosa
Milestones: NO CUBS
Mystery Finest: NO CUBS
Rookie Class: NO CUBS
1999All-Matrix, 2 Sammy Sosa, 24 Kerry Wood
All-Topps Mystery Finest, 13 Sammy Sosa, 32 Kerry Wood
Hall of Fame, 7 Ernie Banks
Lord of the Diamond, 3 Sammy Sosa
MVP Redemption: NO CUBS
New Breed, 3 Kerry Wood,
Picture Perfect, 6 Sammy Sosa, 2 Kerry Wood
Power Brokers, 4 Sammy Sosa, 20 Kerry Wood
Record Numbers, 5 Sammy Sosa, 7 Kerry Wood

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  1. I'm down on Sosa but there are some cool looking designs.