Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Fewest Cards from One Season...

About a week ago I had a post about the season that gave me the most Cubs cards. With the junk wax era in full swing, 1992 added 397 cards to my collection.

Today let's go in the opposite direction and guess the least-productive year. The answer lies between 1951 (Topps' first year) and 2010. And if you think about it, the answer will make sense. So go ahead and put on your thinking caps......The correct answer is......


And here's why it made sense....that was the first year Topps had its baseball card monopoly. Their set size was increased, and the number of Cubs went from 12 to 21, but there was no more Bowman to add to the mix. So there are just 21 cards from 1956 in my collection.

Since it's such a small number, I'll show you all 21 cards. Also keep in mind that this was the last year of the oversized cards. In 1957 Topps went to the size we are all familiar with, 3 1/2 by 2 1/2.


  1. Love the Hank Sauer Background

  2. This is my favorite set from the 1950s and in my top three of all time.

  3. Those are great. Love the backgrounds. I didn't know that Monte Irvin finished his career as a Cub.

  4. Wow, an entire team set from the 50's...very cool.

  5. I'll forward to seeing an update of this topic further down the road. My guess was 1957, as 1956 has five possible Cubs Team cards and a ton of gray back variations.