Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wrigley Wax Is On the Road

It's family vacation time. This year we're heading east to Washington DC. Friday was a travel day, as we spent 8 1/2 hours driving from Michigan to Gettysburg. After arriving at the hotel, we went out to dinner and then spent some time driving the autotour of the battlefield.

Saturday we spent the morning at the battlefield's visitor center and museum. We saw Abe Lincoln out in front and guess what he was wearing!

This confirms what Topps has been showing in those silly SP cards, that Abe was a Cubs fan.

We headed to DC in the afternoon and then spent the evening along the mall visiting the three presidential memorials. All very impressive.

We plan to spent the rest of the week doing the touristy stuff....Smithsonian, Capitol, White House, Fords Theater, Mount Vernon, Arlington, Williamsburg, etc.

I've got stuff scheduled to post throughout the week, so you can still have your daily fill of Wrigley Wax.


  1. That is brilliant. Why did I never think of doing that?? I almost always have a baseball cap on me.

    my recomendation for the monuments is the Jefferson. It is a little bit away from the mall, so it is less crowded. but a nice walk, and you get a view of the Washington Monument from their.

  2. Hope you have a fun and safe trip!

  3. Are the Cubs going to be there playing the Nats?

  4. Nah, the Cubs are home this week. I did think about seeing the Nationals, but they are on the road too.