Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Cubs Collection Got Big

Among the goodies I got from the Troll were a couple of wax packs of 1989 Topps Big. This was my first look at these. They are "Big" because they are the size of Topps' cards in the early fifties, which were 3/8" taller than today's cards. The cards also have that '50's look to them, especially on the back.

So once I saw them, of course I had to hunt down the Cubs. Since there were only three years of Big, it wasn't that hard.

Today I've got the first issue, from 1988, which was modeled after the Topps 1956 set. There were seven Cubs among the 264 cards released. The big names on the team (Dawson, Dunston, Sandberg, and Sutcliffe) were included.

There were also three others, all of which were on the downside of their careers (something very common among Cubs players!).

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  1. Nice pieces of PC. So pretty and vintage.. A real PC..