Thursday, August 5, 2010

Relics From the Past

I thought it would be a fun idea to try and get relic cards from some of my Cubs favorites from the past. Guys like Banks, Williams, and Jenkins were who I had in mind. So I started prowling around ebay to find some examples. I was hoping to find cards that look nice together.

Fleer Cubs Greats from 2006 fit the bill perfectly. There are ten base cards in the set (which I already have), and relic cards for nine of the ten (no Randy Hundley relic). Its a pretty impressive lineup of Cubs favorites (including six hall of famers).

Ernie Banks, game worn pants.

Andre Dawson, game used bat

Mark Grace, game used bat

Fergie Jenkins, game worn jersey....except it was a Red Sox jersey....boy that ticks me off! I hate when they do that!

Gary Matthews, game used bat

Ryne Sandberg, game used bat

Ron Santo, game used bat

Bruce Sutter, game worn pants....from his time with the Cardinals....Stop doing that!!

Billy Williams, game worn jersey....with the A's....Three cards with non-Cubs game worn items!

Beautiful cards, but please, if the card says Cubs, the relic should be from the Cubs!


  1. Why are there black and white photos for some of those cards. You would think they could have found one color photo

  2. Agreed, the black and white looks ugly.