Monday, August 9, 2010

Great Vacation, Lousy Cubs

We had a great time visiting Gettysburg and Washington DC. It was nice to get away from the daily grind. With the week the Cubs have had, it was nice to get away from them too.

They are on a free fall and are now in fifth place. They've lost ten of their last eleven. The hitters continue to struggle and the pitching staff is either veterans with huge contracts or rookies making the minimum. We might as well bring in Ryne Sandberg as manager now since we have his Iowa pitching staff here.

The big news while I was away was the trade of Ted Lilly and Ryan Theriot to the Dodgers for Blake DeWitt and some prospects. At this point in the season, my attitude about the trade is, "Whatever." The season is a lost cause anyway, so let the re-tooling begin.

I'm not sure what the difference is between Theriot and DeWitt at second. I did feel I had to make DeWitt a card, so here you go.

Opening Day is only 235 days away!

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