Thursday, August 26, 2010

How To Bunt, By Fleer Ultra

For all you Little Leaguers out there, we have a tutorial on the correct way to bunt, with help from Fleer Ultra.

Cubs TV color announcer Bob Brenly mentions this all the time. To lay down a good bunt you've got to get the head of the bat above the ball.

Brenly has to constantly mention this because there are a lot of major leaguers that don't know the correct way to bunt.

Scott Bullett and Chico Walker, I'm looking at you!

Stay tuned next week as Fleer Ultra brings us another baseball lesson: lHow to fly through the air like Superman (and Shawon Dunston)!


  1. Awesome! I gotta track down that Maddux card now.

  2. Another thing... the batters fingers don't need to be wrapped around the bat. Of course, Mr. Fundamental, Greg Maddux is just about perfect.