Saturday, August 21, 2010

MarkStephen Priorstrasburg

I'm in the process of collecting all of the Cubs cards from Bazooka, and when I'm finished I'll have a post or two that features them.

But this 2004 card of Mark Prior came yesterday and it is very interesting.

The front is nothing too special. In fact, Bazooka had two different versions of the Prior front.

But the back is what caught my eye.

Again, nothing too special here. I doubt this will make Night Owl's Top 50 backs. It wasn't the design, but the text that caught my attention. Check out what it says here.

Does that sound familiar with what we are hearing about Stephen Strasburg? But then check the Bazooka Blast Stat. "After returning from the disabled list..." That is where Prior spent a majority of the rest of his career. And now Strasburg already has his first DL stint under his belt.

I sure hope that Strasburg has a long, healthy, and prosperous career. But I think baseball, of all the sports, is the hardest to predict long-term success.

I wasn't collecting when Prior came up. Did any of you "invest" in Prior cards?


  1. Not Prior but my brother was obsessed with Kerry Wood. I remember he paid $150 for a card I can't even remember. We all know how that went.

  2. My collecting is an on-again/off-again affair. I missed Prior. I have bought a couple of Strasburg cards ($20-30) because I got obsessed with putting together a Bowman set. Almost complete.

  3. He was fun to watch while he was on top of his game!

  4. I remember Wood more than Prior. Actually, after Wood's first surgery, there were a lot of offers to take the cards "off your hands" from people hoping to buy low.

  5. I collected Prior. Still do, I guess.

  6. Ironic. You post this and Strasburg gets injured the same day. Or would that prophetic?

  7. I will be buying several lottery tickets today!