Saturday, July 23, 2011

Guess Who Got Two Upper Deck Cards in 1999

Go ahead, try to figure out the Cubs players that got at least two different cards in the 1999 UD set. There were three. The first two are too easy. The third? I'd be shocked that you even remembered that the guy played for the Cubs, let alone know that he was given two cards.

First, I'm going to eliminate the obvious. Were talking about 1999, the year after the Sosa/McGwire home run chase. So of course, Sammy got multiple cards. He ended up on five different cards, the base, two season highlight cards, a Foreign Focus card, and an Arms Race card.

The other obvious multi-card player was......Kerry Wood. He too was in the spotlight, with his 20 K game and the ROY award. He got a base card and a season highlight card.

But who was the third player to get an extra card??

Mark Grace?? Logical guess, but wrong
Henry Rodriguez?? He had a nice season in '98, with 31HRs, but....wrong again
Rod Beck?? He was the closer and had 51 saves....but it wasn't him either.

I'll give you a was the Cubs shortstop.

Ah...Shawon Dunston. Nope, he was hadn't been with the Cubs since 1997.

So who was the shortstop in 1998, that was sooo good that he got an extra card in 1999?

Think Atlanta Braves...





Jeff Blauser!

It's OK, you can admit it; you had no idea that Blauser played for the Cubs. So what did he do in '98 that would merit a second card?

Nothing! He hit a crummy .219 (after hitting .308 with the Braves in '97), had 4 HRs and 26 RBIs. But it was good enough for Upper Deck to double up on him.


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