Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another Ernie Banks Post

...Actually, this is two Posts....two cards from Post Cereal from the early 1960s.

This is from 1961, and it is card #191 out of 200 in the set. These were found on the back of Post Cereal boxes and had to be cut out, making it harder to find these in decent shape. The original owner had to be able to cut a straight line and then take care of the card. Mine has a crease that runs vertically across the right side of the card. You can also see some ink stamp markings near the "S" in Banks. To me, that adds character to the card, which is as old as I am.

Here is the 1963 version of the Post card. For the third consecutive year, Post put out a 200 player set on the cereal box backs. I really like the picture that Post used, showing a smiling Ernie at Wrigley Field. It was also nice to have a little variety since Post used the same picture of Ernie on the '61 and '62 cards.

The next Post card I'm hunting is the only one the issued of Billy Williams. It was in 1963 but unfortunately for me, the card was short-printed. Right now there are two on ebay, both BINs, one at $120 and the other at $100. I'm going to have to wait a while to add Billy to the collection!

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