Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Interesting Upper Deck Pictures on the Back

A little while back I wrote about the one and only time that Upper Deck didn't include a player's picture on the back of the card, 2003.

Yesterday I took a some time to look at the backs of all the other Upper Deck Cubs cards. I was interested in pictures that caught my eye for whatever reason. I found the following four.

Rondell White, looks like Rondell stayed up really late the night before, and came to photo day straight from the bar.

Steve Trachsel, 1998....You would think that a guy with a lifetime record at the time of 37-43 would just keep his mouth shut and pitch.

Mark Grace, 1994...many who have heard Mark Grace doing Diamondbacks or Fox games on TV suggest that he follow the first line on his shirt.

Mark Grace, 1998, The guy to Graces' left just said, "Good God, Grace, did you just cut one?" And the look on Grace's face gives us the answer.

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