Friday, July 15, 2011

Lou's Autograph For Free, Compliments of Netflix

Here is the latest addition to my autographed card collection, former Cubs skipper Lou Piniella. It's a nice looking card, and Lou seems happy and content. That was pretty much the Lou we had in Chicago. We didn't get the angry, toss bases and kick dirt Lou. Instead we had the gentle, awe shucks Lou.

He did get the Cubs to the playoffs his first two seasons. That alone was a major accomplishment. The last time the Cubs were in the post-season consecutively was the three year run from 1906-1908. But the team was a monumental playoff flop, getting swept both seasons.

By the time Lou stepped away from the team last July, it was pretty obvious he just wasn't that into his job any more. And the team reflected his attitude. I liked Lou, but wasn't sad to see him go.

I did want to add his autograph to my collection, so I would check each week to see what would pop up. This card did, and I was the only bidder. But the best news was that I would be getting the card for free!

How you say? Well, back in June, Netflix had a deal in which, if you signed up for a free trial, you would get $15 put into you ebay bucks account. I was all over that! I signed up, watch some free TV on my computer for a few weeks, and then cancelled just before the trial period was over.

The Net(Flix) result: $15 Bucks....Lou's autograph!

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