Friday, July 1, 2011

Report Card Time

The teacher in me feels obliged to look back on my progress with the collection goals I set for myself back in January.

Goal #1: Keep Getting New Stuff: No problem here! Topps Flagship, Heritage, Opening Day, Pro Debut, Gypsy Queen, Bowman, and the Factory Team set have all been added. And I'm looking forward to Allen and Ginter, coming soon. Grade: A

Goal #2 Add More Oddball Sets:
I haven't added too many of these. I've added Upper Deck Spectrum and Upper Deck X, plus TCMA All Time Cubs from 1977 and 1979, and the 1969 Cubs from 2004 Timeless Teams. That works out to about a set per month. Grade: B-

Goal #3 Complete 2005 Turkey Red Set:
I tackled this at the start of the year, and then ran into a wall in getting the last four SPs. I found three of the missing four at Beckett for a decent price, but was still missing Wily Mo Pena. Well, a couple weeks ago I checked Sportlots and lo and behold, a seller had Wily for only 18 cents. I immediately grabbed it; I'm thinking the seller didn't realize the card was a SP.

Behold, the missing Wily Mo and the completion of the set! Grade: A

Goal #4 Pick up Topps 1952 Cubs:
I got the first 19 quickly and easily by the end of January. Since then, nothing; because all that's left are the super expensive high number cards. I've been tracking their sale for the last six months, and the average price for the nine is $96.13 per card! Sorry but I can't spend nearly $900 to add Bill Serena,Toby Atwell, and friends to my collection. Grade: B

Goal #5 Add more relics and autographs:
This has been fun. I've added Shawon Dunston, Dave Kingman, Ken Holtzman, Derrek Lee, Steve Stone, Greg Maddux Joe Pepitone, Billy Williams, Steve Trout, and Don Zimmer, among others. Again, its been about one or two per month. Grade: B+

Goal #6 Enjoy what I've got:
No problem, there! I look forward to spending some time each day with my collection. Grade: A

Goal #7 Share with you:
Still posting once a day at 9:00 a.m. and hoping you check it out daily Grade: A

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