Friday, July 8, 2011

Jamie Moyer With Room on the Back

I was flipping through my Fleer binder the other day and came across Jamie Moyer's first card with Fleer, from 1987.

It wasn't the front that caught my attention; it was the back. The very empty back.

Look at all of the room on his card. There's enough space on there to list another 12-15 seasons.

But of course, Moyer has gone way beyond that. Take a look at the back of his card from last year's update set.

Look at how small Topps had to make the font to fit his career on the card! It's just about as small as the fine print on the bottom of the card. You know a player has been around a long time when those two fonts are the same size.

I went back and looked at all of Moyer's rookie cards to see if any others have blank spots. The card I found with the most was his true rookie card.

This one was issued by the Cubs at Wrigley Field on July 16, 1986. That is one empty card! Who could have predicted that this rookie would end up with a career that lasted nearly a quarter of a century? Not me!

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