Wednesday, August 3, 2011

All The Cubs Ginter Relics

Boy did this get out of hand! Topps went from a Ginter high of five Cubs relic cards last year, to a ridiculously new high of eleven in 2011. That matches the number of base cards in the set.

Earlier, I thought that there were ten relics, but as I was rummaging through Ebay, I noticed that Starlin Castro had both a jersey and bat card. I don't know if other collectors consider these different cards, but I do. Though they have the same number, AGR-SC, a bat and a jersey are not the same thing, so to keep my set complete, I got both cards.

Most of these came while we were on the road, leaving me several presents when we returned. The good news is that it seems like either everyone else is getting tired of these, or Topps put out too many. The price for each of the relics was very reasonable, with several under $2.

I'm starting with these three, because Colvin, DeWitt and Samardzija were not considered base card worthy. No card, but relics.

Here are the two Castro cards.

And below are the other six.

Now, next year, let's get back to normal numbers; two or three of these, please.

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  1. They look kind of cool all together. BTW maybe Tyler Colvin isn't dead yet. 3-5 last night with a monster home run. Let's hope.