Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Last Cubs Autograph Card

Answers from yesterday's post are at the bottom of the page

Here is my last autographed Cubs card*

This is Julio Zuteta from Fleer's Autographics 2001. Julio came up to the Cubs in 2000 . He hit .294 in 30 games and was deemed good enough for the Cubs to let Mark Grace leave via free agency. Besides, can't miss prospect Hee Seop Choi was waiting in the wings. But in 2001, Zuleta hit only .219 and was sent back to AAA. He never returned to the major leagues. Instead, he went to Japan and had a pretty successful career over there.

*So why is this my last Cubs autograph card? Have I run out of cards to chase? Run out of money? Give up on the Cubs? No way!! It's my last.....if you go in alphabetical order. Zuleta comes after Zambrano and Zimmer. He is my last autographed card in the binder.....but certainly not the last one I'll buy! In fact, among all of the players in MLB history, only six players follow Zuleta alphabetically (Joel Zumaya, Bob Zupcic, Frank Zupo, Paul Zuvella, George Zuverink, and Dutch Zwilling).

I suppose I'll need to get a signed copy of this one, and make it my first.

Here are the answers from yesterday's Name that Cub, 1970

Fergie Jenkins

Don Kessinger

Jimmy Qualls

Glenn Beckert

Ken Rudolph

Bill Hands

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