Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lineage Cubs

I remember back in April when the sell sheet for Lineage came out thinking that this could be interesting. Then I completely forgot about it. Fast forward to August and there are cards popping up on ebay and a few blog posts about it. Oh yeah, I thought, I suppose I should look at getting a Cubs set.

I was able to pick up a Cubs set for only a couple bucks. There are nine Cubs on the 200 card checklist. With 30 teams, the average should be 6-7 cards, so the Cubs come in a little high. Of the nine, three are Hall of Famers. And Topps has given Ernie Banks the day off, though they seem to be now on a Dawson and Sandberg kick.

A nice shot of Sandberg turning a double play against the Reds

Dawson taking a cut at an empty Wrigley Field.

Fergie in a vintage pitchers' pose from 1972. The team logo in the bottom left is different than what is on more modern players' cards. I suppose Topps wanted a logo from the player's era. Unfortunately, they picked the wrong one. That red C is just as appropriate today as it was in 1972. Instead, Topps should have gone with....

...this one. This is what the Cubs logo looked like up through the late '70s.

Next, of the six current players, four are still with the Cubs is in Cleveland

....and one is in limbo

I'm not overwhelmed by Lineage, but I'm not underwhelmed either. "OK" is the best way to describe it. There are lots of cool inserts that replicate inserts from the '60s, but there aren't any Cubs on any of those checklists. The best feature of the entire product is the '75 minis and I'll have those tomorrow.

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  1. I think the design is OK, I really wish they'd retire the use of foil on player names, as it just makes them difficult to read.