Friday, August 26, 2011

Another Stinkin' Ginter Relic!

I really thought that I was finished with these. After all, having 11 relic cards when there were only 11 base cards should have been enough. But, no.

I was reading Collecting the Cubs and there was a post on 2011 Ginter. He had 10 relics shown and among his ten was a Soriano bat card. I hadn't seen it before. Castro has both a bat and jersey card, but I didn't realize that Soriano had both, too. He wasn't aware of both the Samardzija card and the Castro jersey card, so I filled him in. You know there are too many cards when two pretty thorough collectors each miss a card or two.

It was off to ebay, but there were only jersey cards to be found. Luckily a bat card turned up in a couple days, and it had a reasonable BIN. So it did.

NOW I think I am finally finished with 2011 Allen and Ginter, and the 12 stinkin' relic cards. And just for comparisons sake, from 2006 - 2010 there are a grand total of 13 Cubs relics between the five years. A single year almost matched five years' worth; that's crazy!

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