Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gypsy Queen Complete Set

Gypsy Queen 2011 is the second of my new complete sets. Putting it together was not nearly as easy as the Lineage set was, for several reasons.

First, its been a few months since its release, so there isn't as much available. It would have been easier when the set was released in April. A second problem is that there are 350 cards in the set, compared to only 200 with Lineage.

But the biggest difficulty in completing the set is that the last 50 cards are short-prints. I hate short-prints! Back in the day, there were short-prints based on how the cards would fit onto a sheet, or because they just cut back production at the end of the season. But today its just a slimy gimmick to get more dollars out of our pockets!

When I decided to get a Gypsy Queen set, I check ebay, but there were not complete sets available. Plenty of 300 card base sets were out there, but none with all 350 cards. Then a near-complete set popped up. It had 297 of the 300 base cards, and 26 of the 50 short-prints. If I could get that set for a reasonable price, then I would just have to track down 27 more cards.

I was able to get the set for a price not much more than what the 300 card sets were going for. That meant I got the 26 SPs for a nice price. As soon as I won the set, I headed to Checkoutmycards for the rest of the SPs. They had all but three, and Sportlots had the others. Within a week, all 350 cards were in my hands, and soon, in a binder.

When Gypsy Queen first came out I wasn't too excited about it. But now that I see the entire set, its starting to grow on me. I don't think I'll go after another set next year (unless Topps eliminates the SPs), but I'm happy with the 2011 set.

Like I did with Lineage, I picked out my eight non-Cubs favorites from the set, and they are all players from the past. Something I really like is that with the cards you get to see uniforms and stadiums in color that have usually been shown in black and white.

Andre Dawson, as an Expo. I always like the early Expos uniform, even this updated version with the racing stripes.

Roy Campanella, grabbing a foul ball

Jjimmy Foxx....I like the striped on the stirrups

Lou Gehrig, taking a swing at Yankee Stadium

Johnny Mize, as a Cardinal....

....and as a Giant

Mel Ott, and his famous leg kick

and finally Mickey Mantle. I was shocked when I turned the card over and looked at the number; its card #89. When was the last time Topps gave Mantle a number other that #7?

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