Monday, August 29, 2011

Lineage Complete Set

Other than Topps base and Allen and Ginter, I don't get too many complete sets. But of course I do have exceptions!

My set rule is this: If I go after all the Cubs from a particular brand, I will try to get the complete set from the first year the brand was issued. Right now I've got about 30 of those sets. Some were hard to get, like Heritage 2001, Turkey Red 2005 and Cracker Jack 2004. Others were really easy (and cheap); Score 1988 I'm looking at you.

In 2011 there were two new products that I picked up Cubs sets from, and I decided I should get the complete set, too. For the next few days I'll be taking a look at both of these sets. Up first in Lineage.

Lineage has been out less than a month and there are plenty of complete sets available. I was able to get mine for under $20, delivered. That works out to less than a dime a card for the 200 card set.

I've started to really take to the set, especially the cards of the retired players. Topps did a pretty decent job of finding pictures that have a modern, action look to them instead of the poses that were used when many of these guys were active. For old-timers, Topps also did a nice job of colorizing black and white pictures.

I picked out eight of my favorite vets in the set. See if you like them, too.

Koufax in the wind-up. A question, though. Looking behind Koufax, it looks like Dodger Stadium. Did Topps fudge the picture a bit and change his hat?

A nice action shot of Jim Palmer and his big overhand motion.

A nice colorized shot of lefty Whitey Ford.

No action for Stan the Man, but nice color.

The Iron Man, in living color. Very nice!

Tiger great Al Kaline taking a cut at Tiger Stadium

Bob Gibson at Shea Stadium. Don't mess with Gibby!

Topps hasn't put out too many cards of Mel Ott; he's sort of a forgotten man. But they made up for it with the really nice colorized card.

Cards like these give me hope for Topps!

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  1. I'm a big fan of Lineage as well and may grab a complete set myself.