Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cubs Heroes

Today's post is part one of four. Either you're going to enjoy the next four days, or else, I'll see you on Wednesday!

In 2007, HeroDecks put out a set of Chicago Cubs playing cards. The Cubs are one of 16 MLB teams that have a deck. Does anyone else have their team? I picked my cards off of ebay a while back. I got two decks (one to play with, one to save) for a much better price than the $9.95 on the HeroDeck website.

The cards feature a blue back with a baseball. The front has the card designation, plus a color caricature of a Cubs player. The pictures all seem to be done very nicely. I'm thinking that the entire deck would look nice in a large frame.

I'll be showing a different suit each of the next four days.

Today, its the Clubs, which feature the oldest of all the players. This group includes several players from the 1907-1908 World Champs, and the Cubs all time hits leader, Cap Anson

Tomorrow, it will be the Diamonds.


  1. I have the Reds set, plus an extra Mario Soto I picked up before buying the full deck. I think they are great. I can't wait to see the next suit of Cubs! :)

  2. I've got the Yankees and the Mariners so I could pick up the Winfield and Hendu I needed for my player collections. I've been selling the rest off for $1 each on Sportlots. I've more than made back what I paid for them.

    The Yankees have actually had two sets with slightly different players, but I haven't been able to track down the earlier version.