Saturday, May 12, 2012

75¢ Impulse Buy

The title says it all.  A couple weeks ago the Cubs were in a bit of a bind with their starters.  Travis Wood was called up from Iowa to make an emergency start.  I like to have a card of each player as a Cub, and now that Wood was with the big club, I impulsively hit ebay.

Wood wasn't on the Gypsy Queen base checklist, but he did have an autograph card.  Originally I wasn't interested in any of the Cubs relics or autos, but since this was his only Cub card I thought I see it I could get one for a decent price.  As you can tell from the title of the post, I got a real bargain, as the card set me back all of 75¢.

Wood came to the Cubs over the winter from the Reds for Sean Marshall.  I didn't like the trade at the time it was made, and after Wood stunk up the joint in spring training, I liked it even less.  Wood did a decent job with his start, giving up three runs in six innings in a game the Cubs eventually won.  I thought they might keep him around and dump Chris Vollstad and his 6.55 ERA.  But Wood went right back to AAA.

The picture on the card is a halfway decent photoshop job and the autograph is on card.  So all that is good.

But now check out the back.

Topps forgot to change it.  

The team logo on the top is the Reds' C and 

he is listed as a Cincinnati Reds pitcher.  How does that happen?  How do you completely redo the front and forget to change the back?  I guess for 75¢ I can't expect a card with the correct team name on it, can I?


  1. Nice catch on that one! I don't know that I've actually looked at the back of any of the ones I've pulled other than to notice that they are more yellow than the others.

    Must be an uncorrected error though because I didn't see a Wrigley Wax "fix".