Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Finishing Up Gypsy Queen

My last two Gypsy Queen cards have arrived. These two give me a total of 20 Cubs cards for this year, ten regular and ten mini. There are other cards out there - mini back variations, relics, autographs - but I'm passing on them.

Starlin Castro was included in the Future Stars set. I don't mean to quibble, but since the guy has hit .300 the past two seasons, led the league in hits last year, and was an All Star, I think we can take the "Future" label off of him and just consider him a "Star."

In addition to a base card, Mr. Cub also made the Hallmark Heroes checklist. Ernie's Hallmark, according to the card, was "Gusto for the Game"....let's play two and all of that.

I've mentioned a couple times that I'm disappointed that Topps hasn't included Ron Santo in any of its products yet this year. The Hallmark Heroes subset would have been perfect for him. I decided to take a stab at it....

....Santo's Hallmark: "Playing Though Physical Adversity"....and mention the whole diabetes story. My cheapy free editing software didn't to an especially great job of converting the picture to a drawing, but it's acceptable for now. Anyone got a freebie that would do a better job?


  1. Man, I saw that Santo card and got all excited. You fooled me! He's in the F-ing HOF. Get on the ball Topps!

  2. Nice work on the Santo, Paul. Hopefully he will start appearing in a few checklists once the HOF induction happens in July.

    On a related note, where do you pick up on your singles? Just curiuos as I know it is not easy building the team sets. Thanks.