Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bowman International

Bowman put out the International parallel series again this year and I picked up the eight Cubs.  Last year there was a map in the background.  This year Bowman is using the flag of the player's country.  As you can see, the Cubs aren't very international.  Only two of the eight are from outside the United States.  Oddly, regardless of the country, all of the Cubs players flags are red, white, and blue and they match nicely with the Cubs uniform on the cards.

Starlin Castro is from the Dominican Republic

Puerto Rico is home to Geovany Soto.

Matt Garza is a Californian.

Its odd that is this day of international scouting that all five of the Cubs prospects in the Bowman set are American.  




  1. Wow, the Cubs look good on these cards...it helps that all the flags match their colors.

  2. Love Bowman internationals, probably my favorite insert set