Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hey Hey...A New Brickhouse Card...Oh Brother!

I have a few cards of Cubs broadcaster Jack Brickhouse in my collection.


When Jack was excited, he'd say things like "Hey Hey!" "Whee!" and "Atta Boy Ernie!". But when things weren't going well for the Cubs, which happened often, he would offer a very disappointed "Oh Brother!"

My newest Brickhouse card would be an "Oh Brother!"

On a whim the last time I was in Walmart, I grabbed a pack of Bowman. I was still waiting for my Bowman Cubs to arrive and I was just curious to see the cards.

Among the cards in the pack was this Brickhouse card.

 It's nice that it's a purple border card, being numbered to /199.

But its Bryan not Jack. He's a Royal, not a Cub. And Bryan is not in the broadcast wing of the Hall of Fame.

If there are any Royals fan looking for a purple Brickhouse, make me an offer and it's yours.

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