Friday, May 25, 2012

Bowman Cubs 2012

It took a little longer than I would have liked, but my 2012 Bowman Cubs have finally arrived.  I'm not a prospector, so Bowman isn't something that I get super-excited about.  But it is nice to see what may be coming down the line for Cubs in the future.

As far as current Cubs go, not too many made the set...only three.  Last year there were seven Cubs among the current major leaguers.  

This year we get Castro, Garza, and Soto.  

The Cubs did better among the prospects, with five players on the checklist.  I'll show both the base and chrome versions of the cards for each.  One nice feature with the chrome cards is that the font for the name was made bigger than it was on the base cards, which makes it much easier to read.  Between the foil and the tiny font, you can hardly make out the names on the base cards.

Jeimer Candelario....Free Agent signed in 2010....born in New York but moved to the Dominican Republic as a teenager.

Paul Hoilman....19th round draft pick in 2011...a college grad with a 3.9 GPA...with Peoria (A) in 2012

Richard Jones...9th round draft pick in 2009....played in Midwest League All Star game in 2011...with Daytona (High A) in 2012

Dillon Maples...14th round draft pick in high school prospect in North Carolins, signed with the Cubs last August while practicing with the UNC football team; would have been the Tar Heels punter...

Matt Szczur...5th round draft pick in 2010...Name pronounced "see-zur"...also played in the 2011 MIdwest League All Star game....professional career average of .303...with Daytona (High A) in 2012

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  1. I have a question regarding a Roberto Rodriguez card I recently purchased in a lot of oddball 70s cards. Could not find any information anywhere on what it could be. Any help would be appreciated! Here is a pic from my blog entry...