Monday, May 21, 2012

All The '80s Cubs

After a couple days of other things, I figured I might as well get the rest of the decades taken care of.  We left off with the '80s.  The number of cards is actually a little less than the '70s, down to 276 from 297.  The number could have been much higher if I included the traded set cards.  I included the '70s traded cards, but that's because they came in the same packs as the base cards.  The '80s traded cards were a separate set, so I didn't include them.

The Cub with the longest run through the '80 cards would be catcher Jody Davis*.  He had cards from 1982 - 1989.  But I had to include the * because while the '89 card shows him as a Cub, it also has the little "Now With Braves" label on it.


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