Monday, May 14, 2012

All The '50s Cubs

In a post last week I decided to put all the Nestle Cubs into a single picture, which mimicked the way the Nestle cards were released. That inspired me.

I've got a couple different photo manipulation programs and I realized that one had a combine feature and it was pretty easy to work with. Since it was so simple to combine 26 Nestle cards, I thought I would see how easy it would be to combine a few more cards. Well, it was 183 cards, all of the Topps Cubs from the 1950s.

The combiner gave me the option to put as many cards in a column as I wanted. I decided to go with 11--the same number that typically is on a full sheet of printed Topps cards.

So if you ever wondered what all of the 1950s Topps Cubs cards looked like all together, wonder no more!

Once I got started, I couldn't stop....tomorrow I'll have the '60s.


  1. wow, there are alot of 59's

  2. Hey, you shoulda double-printed some Ernie Banks cards with those 4 extra slots!