Tuesday, May 22, 2012

All The '90s Cubs

Today we move into the '90s.  The number of Cubs dropped down to a level not seen since the '50s, only 251 cards.  The culprit would be the smaller set sizes Topps put out after the '94 players strike.  The 1990-1994 Topps complete sets had a total of 3,993 cards while the five years after that saw only 2,561 cards.

For only the second time, a Cub made the complete run of a decade.  Ernie Banks ran the '60s and it was Mark Grace who spanned the '90s.  



  1. Good point on the smaller set size. I would have assumed the '90s had more cards, but I didn't think of the small checklists.

  2. Not nearly as colorful as the other decades.

  3. Lack of originality in design for '98 and '99. At quick glance they look identical due to the gold borders, I always confused the two.