Wednesday, November 26, 2014

1976 More No Action Cubs

After finding action-less Cubs in 1977, I thought I'd see if the same thing happened the previous year, 1976.

And sure enough, it did.  There was no Cubs action in both the '76 and '77 sets.  

The 1975 and 1976 Cubs ended up with identical records, 75-87.  

And for two years in a row, Topps didn't consider what they did on the field good enough to show up on a card.

What about the rest of the National League.  If you remember from yesterday's post, all the other NL teams had action cards in '77.  


This time it isn't just the Cubs getting shut out.  The Braves and Astros were also MIA...actually not MIA but MA...missing action.

Most, if not all the action shots from 1976 and 1977 were taken at two ballparks, Shea Stadium and Candlestick Park.  That's one from each division, so between the two, every NL team played 15 games at each of those venues.  It's odd that Topps didn't send a photographer to any of the 60 games the Cubs played in the two parks over the two years.

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  1. At least you get to see Wrigley in the '76 set. She's almost as rare as an action shot in the pre-80's sets!