Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2007 Topps Finest Cubs

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The 2007 edition of Finest grew just a bit, from 155 cards to 166 cards.  The setup remained the same, with the last couple subsets being rookies, including 16 rookie autograph cards.  The Cubs lousy farm system saved me some money again as no Cub make the list. There were two future Cubs (Jeff Baker and Ryan Sweeney), but I don't deal in futures.

The 2007 set saw Alfosno Soriano make his first Finest appearance as a Cub.  He and his 8 year/$136 million contract joined the Cubs over the winter.  Mark Prior makes his final Finest appearance. His inclusion was odd and optimistic, since he pitched in just 9 games in 2006 and was absolutely horrible.  His arm was shot, but no one told Topps.

The other three were the big names, Lee, Zambrano, and Ramirez.



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