Friday, November 28, 2014

Some Goodies and Some Help For A Loyal Reader

I was recently contacted by reader Tim.  He had some nice things to say about the blog and he also had a generous offer.  He was changing the focus of his collection and wanted to donate some of his card to me.  I graciously accepted.

A nice package arrived.  Among the contents were... assortment of cards already in my collection.  These will end up in the birthday packs I give to my students.

Several other cards in the package were new to me


Three for the Ernie Banks collection...


and a couple parallels for the Dawson and Sandberg collection.

Tim also included this....

As I said earlier, he's changing the focus of his collection.  He's narrowing it down to one card, the 2014 Topps Tribute Billy Williams.   He is attempting to put together the ultimate rainbow.  He's not going for one each of the different parallels.  His goal is ALL base cards and ALL of the parallels...all 99 of the blues, all 50 of the green, all 25 of the gold, all five of the red and the 1/1 purple.

If any of you know where any of these could be found, contact Tim.

I know where three of these are, I've talked with him, and I feel like a heel.

I've got these three, and I just can't let them go.  Tim has made a very generous offer, and at some point I may move them.  But not now, I just can't put a hole in the 2014 Billy collection.

You can help me ease my conscience by helping Tim.  See one?  Got one you want to sell?  Let him know.


  1. I expect this to take years. My favorite part if collecting is the hunt.