Thursday, November 13, 2014

Update on the Heritage '12 & '13 Barney SPs

It has been nearly nine months since I've posted an update on the two Barney SPs from Heritage, the 2012 no position card and the 2013 Venezuelan card.  I haven't forgotten about the cards (though you may have!).  It's just that there hasn't been anything to report.

Neither of the two have been listed on Ebay for a long time.  The last 2012 card was sold on January 20 and was bought at a bargain price... me!  But since then none have seen the light of day.

It's pretty much the same story with the 2013 Venezuelan card. The last on Ebay was sold on February 16 and also bought... me.  That gave me eight of the ten listed on Ebay.

The  crazy thing is that I've paid about as much for all eight of the more rare Venezuelan cards that I did for my first no position card.  It's still my contention that the black  backs from 2013 are much scarcer than the SPs from 2012.

With neither card being listed in nearly nine months, I think its safe to say that no new ones will be popping up.  My hunch is that if one gets listed now, it will be from a collector moving part of his collection.

Don't plan on seeing two no position or eight Venezuelans pop up any time soon!

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