Saturday, November 29, 2014

Expansion at the WW HQ

Thanks to another birthday gift I was able to expand the WW World Headquarters.

The Headquarters were built in 2010 and I started with this bookcase..

....for the Cubs collection.

Actually, the case started... this.  I added three more shelves, using the back cross supports to hold the back of the shelves and some shelf clips for the front.  I also painted it to match the rest of the basement (per a request of the WWHQ decorating queen).

The bookcase served me well for the past four year.  But the Cubs collection has grown to the point where I was running out of room for more binders.  Here is what the case looked like a couple weeks ago.

It doesn't look that way any more.  Today the single bookcase...

has a partner!  I was able to find a near-duplicate of the original at Amazon and birthday certificates got me the new case.  Some paint and some more shelves (I still need to add a third one) and now I've got room for several year's worth of Cubs collection growth.

Here's a better look at both bookcases.

Adding the second Cubs case meant I also had to shift the shelving units that hold my complete sets.  They now look like this.  The Topps sets and other complete sets are on the left.  The unit on the right has all the boxes that hold my Fleer collection and other miscellaneous boxes.

My desk didn't need any changes...still good to go for cranking out a post a day!


  1. Wow! Looks great! Jealous of your WW World Headquarters!

  2. I echo Daniel. Uber jealous. My wife strolled by and was shocked at all of your binders. I've been trying to her that my collection is pretty modest in size. I think she now believes me! Hehe, thanks!

    I really like the four red card shelves above your computer desk. Did you make those or pick them up some place?

    1. Tom,
      I made the shelves...super-simple project...more about it here

  3. I will echo the sentiments you sent along on my blog a week or so ago. Our collections are very similar to each other in terms of what we collect. Your Topps pack collection is pretty friggin awesome!

  4. That is an awesome set up! I am still struggling to organize, though your binder organization may have me reorganizing before I finish the first trip through!

  5. Your organization setup is much better than mine. Job well done sir

  6. I love how organized it is.

  7. Very cool! I have always been interested to see how everyone keeps their collections organized.

  8. I am super jealous. I need a set up like that for my Yankees collection I have a 5 shelf book case that houses 42 binders of Yankees, Jets, Islanders and Knicks cards as well as my player collections. I would love to build shelves to hold my bobbleheads, signed baseballs, Mcfarlane's and anything else I have. These pictures will inspire me to try to do something in the new year.