Friday, November 7, 2014

2014 Update Coughlan Sparkle

I had one more card to pick up to complete the 2014 Update set, another of the dreaded variations.  This time it's the sparkle version.

For some unknown reason, Topps deemed Chris Coghlan to be variation-worthy.  Anthony Rizzo got a sparkle card in Series One; him on the list makes sense.  But Chris Coghlan?  Is the Cubs roster that depleted that the next best player Topps could come up with is Chris Coghlan?  By the way, that is a rhetorical question...I don't need anyone's smart-mouth answer!

The sparkle was added to his helmet, which was already sparkling from the reflection of the sun/lights.


Here's the two versions side-by-side...

...and a close-up of the sparkle.

And with this card, Update is wrapped up.

The totals?

Base cards = 9
Base variations = 2
Inserts = 3


  1. Actually, I kind of like that Topps went off the Castro/Rizzo path and picked someone else to have a variation. Refreshing, no?

    1. I agree with Tom, but let's take this a step further. Instead of including stars of the past like Robin Yount, Ryne Sandberg, or Andre Dawson, I think Topps instead should include guys like Keith Moreland, Carlos Lezcano, and Steve Swisher in their insert sets.