Monday, November 10, 2014

Goodies From Reader Chad

A nice box of goodies from loyal reader Chad arrived at the WW Headquarters on Friday.  I love getting these because I can tell Mrs. WW that everything in the box was free!

Chad was extremely generous, sending an interesting variety of things.

First, he set three Tigers team sets and these will go into the birthday stash for my students at school. Now on to the Cubbie goodies.

How about three 1962 Topps stamps!  I've already got the Ernie Banks and Billy Williams stamps in the player collection.  Add in these three and I'm at 50% of the team set.  I may have to go for the other 50% now.

Here's a couple oddballs....1990 Heads Up of Ryne Sandberg and Jerome Walton.  There are 24 of these in the set and three are Cubs.  I already had the other Cub (Dwight Smith), so this team set is complete!

This is one I've never seen before, It's actually two cards in one, as it unfolds to show another card, of Rich Gossage.  These were issued in 1986 by Meadow Gold and were given away in specially marked boxes of popsicles and fudgsicles.


Up next, three Vineline postcards from 2004.  There is Mr Cub, Mark Prior, and two of Sammy Sosa.

Finally, saving the best for last...

two 1933 Goudey cards!!!   Talk about vintage classics!  The cards are in rough condition, but they are also 81 years old.  Condition doesn't matter much to me with cards this old.

I have a reprint set of these, but never considered chasing the real deal. But now with two in hand?  We'll see.  The set has 17 Cubs, so it may be a slow chance.  Time and $ will tell,

A big thanks to Chad for all of these. Very generous...very cool!!

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