Saturday, November 8, 2014

1986 Sportflics Complete Set

After looking over the 1986 Sportflics checklist, I realized that several of the multi-player cards might show some Cubs.  Then again, they might show the player with a different team.  Was Sutcliffe a Cub or Dodger.  Was Bill Madlock a Cub or Pirate?  It would be hard to figure out based on a picture of the card because Sportflics pictures can be a blurry jumble.

What to do, what to do??

I came up with a simple solution...

Buy the entire set!

But my simple solution almost got me into a bit of trouble.

I'm usually the first one home after work so I bring in the mail.  Some days I bring in lots of bubble envelopes filled with cards.  Mrs. WW isn't too concerned about my mail, but sometimes I feel a little guilty if there are lots of envelopes. I'm not trying to hide anything, but me bringing in the mail instead of Mrs. WW avoids any potential problems.

Problems were not avoided on the day when the Sportflics set arrived.  It came in a giant box filled with  bubble wrap.  The shipping box was much bigger than the box of cards.  The seller went a bit overboard.

And Mrs. WW came home for lunch that day and bought in the mail....and the big box.  When I showed her the little box that came in the big box, she felt better.

Until she saw the side of the Sportflics box...

with this old price tag on it.  Her question was simply, "Did you really pay that much for the cards?"

Lucky for me that answer was a resounding, "No!"  In fact, I paid just six bucks for the set and...

...the 1986 Decade Greats set was included, too.

Bargain prices.

Crisis averted.

Oh, and now I know which multi-player cards have a Cub featured...

51 Sandberg
55 Smith
60 Sutcliffe
70 Sutcliffe
72 Sutcliffe
127 Sandberg
129 Eckersley
130 Cey
134 Sutcliffe
144 Lopes
149 Sutcliffe


  1. I feel the same way about the mail and my wife... She gives me a hard time when it's mostly my packages and there's nothing in it for her.

    1987 Decade Greats? I've never heard of that set. Please post, pics!

    1. Sorry...typo...the Decades Greats set was from 1986

  2. My wife gets the mail all the time too. When I was spending too much time on eBay earlier this year, she started giving me that "raised eyebrow" look...the, "how much *are* you spending" eyebrow. LOL!

    If only Sportflics scanned at all well, I'd say post every one of those bad boys on here!

  3. I bring in the mail 99.9 percent of the time. The one time I didn't is the day I got my Game Used Bill Virdon Jersey. (Not card, full jersey) It was not pretty when I got home. She wasn't as mad that I bought it or how much I paid, it was that she didn't even notice that I spent the money.

    What are you going to do with the rest of the broken set? I need some of the Red Sox.

    1. Adam---I'm keeping the whole set, but now I know which ones I need for the Cubs set. I've got a collection of about 40 full sets from a brand,s first issue...sets like Upper Deck '8, Donruss & Fleer '81, Stadium Club '91, etc. The Sportflics '86 will go into a binder and join the others.

  4. Good to know that I'm not the only one with the guilt or the look!