Monday, November 8, 2010

Bat Cards

I really debated about getting these or not, but in the end I did.

In series one and two, Topps put out the manufactured hat logo cards. There were four Cubs in series one and a whopping eight in series two. I was a bit relieved when I saw that there weren't going to be any more hats in the update series.

Instead, they were replaced with bat barrels, which seem just as contrived as the hat logos. But when I saw that there were only four Cubs on the checklist, I figured I would go after them. Then I saw a picture of the Derrek Lee card and it featured him as a Cub, even though he had a Braves card in the update series. So now the Cubs were up to five. I still continued the chase.

The main reason I got the bat cards is because they are only numbered up to 99. To me, that makes it a pretty collectible item. And if I was going to get them, now was the time. My experience with the hat logos is that they are plentiful within the first few weeks of release, and then they get pretty scare. A check of ebay found very few for sale. So I fired up the Bid-o-matic software and was able to get all four.

I'll start with the old and the new.

Ryne Sandberg, the old.....

....and Starlin Castro, the new.

And then there were two declining veterans....

Aramis Ramirez

and Alfonso Soriano.

and the ex Cub, Derrek Lee.

Now that I have the cards, the next question is how do I store them. The cards are really thick, 3/16" thick. That's the same thickness as 12 base cards. They are way too thick for the album pages, and even too thick for any toploaders that I've got. Any thoughts?


  1. first off nice job. The black bat barrels #d to 25 look a lot better with the silver on black.

    They will squeeze into a 180 pt top loader but not smoothly. I just got my Yount black card in the mail the other day in a top loader that was bigger than the 180pt so they exist. Where I have no idea because neither of my LCS's have anything larger than the 180 pt top loaders. And if they don't already have penny sleeves on them you'll need the large size penny sleeves for them as well. I haven't looked around online for the stuff but it's gotta be out there somewhere.

  2. Thanks for the advice, cynicalbuddha.

  3. Maybe if you find the right depth plastic hinged box?