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196(9) At A Time - Page 30

#257 - Jim Ray
It looks like Ray wants to sweat off a few pounds he picked up over the winter by wearing that plastic jacket! He had a nice rookie campaign in '68 with a 2.68 ERA, lowest on the team. He went 8-2 in 1969 splitting time between the rotation and the bullpen.

#258 - Jackie Hernandez
The red bill on Jackie's hat means California Angels, though 1966 was his last season in Anaheim. Another old photo. He was the Royals everyday shortstop in 1969 and he raised his average 46 points over 1968. Unfortunately he hit only .176 in 1968 so a hike of 46 points means your still not hitting much, .222

#259 - Bill Short
This is another pitcher who got a spot on a roster because of expansion. But a 15.43 ERA in 4 games with the Reds didn't help the cause to extend a career. They released Bill Short-ly.

#260 - Reggie Jackson
A couple firsts with this card. This is the first real Oakland card in the set. Reggie isn't airbrushed or hatless. He is wearing a genuine Oakland A's uniform.

This is also Reggie's rookie card. It is the second most expensive card in the set, second to Mickey Mantle. My card's corners are a bit rounded, but since this isn't a Cub, I wasn't going to spend a bundle on it. Reggie burst onto the baseball scene in 1968, with 29 round trippers. He continued that in 1969 as he hit 47 more with 118 RBIs. He was named to his first All-Star team and was 5th in MVP voting.

#261 - Bob Johnson
One of two Bob Johnsons in the majors at the time. This Bob was at the end of his career. He spent 1967 with two team and 1968 with two more. Though listed as a Brave, he was traded in spring training to the Cardinals and in July was sent to Oakland. That makes six team in three years! I hope he had a good real estate agent!

#262 - Mike Kekich
The Yanks picked him up from the Dodgers over the winter, which explains the airbrush job. Somehow the Dodgers felt they could part with his 2-10 record. He "improved" to 4-6 in 1969. He is more infamous for another trade he was involved in, one not involving the Dodgers.

#263 - Jerry May
He was the Pirate's starting catcher in 1968, but lost the starting job to Manny Sanguillen in 1969 and became the back-up catcher.

#264 - Bill Landis
This lefty spent most of his career working out of the bullpen. He went 3-3 in 1968 and 5-5 the following season. A .500 record and a 5.25 ERA wasn't good enough and 1969 was Bill's last in the majors.

#265 - Chico Cardenas
Hey Chico, beizbol been berry berry gooood to me! The Twins picked up Chico from the Reds over the winter. It looks like another Reds at Wrigley card, with the white railing on the left field catwalk and tree on Waveland over his left shoulder. But its a bit blurry so I'm not 100% sure. Chico had a nice season as the Twins shortstop in '69 and finished 12th in the MVP balloting.

Overall Set Totals (player cards only)
Hall of Famers - 18
Hatless - 59
Airbrush - 55
Cubs (includes past, present, or future) - 42

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