Sunday, August 16, 2009

Five Random Cubs Cards

I have 5,452 Cubs cards from 17 different brands. A random number generator picked five of them. Here they are in the order selected.

Stadium Club 1993 #531 Sammy Sosa In 1993 Sammy hadn't yet become Sammy! He had just finished his first season with the Cubs and was injured for a big part of it. We still weren't convinced that he would turn out to be much more that a hot dog. 1993 started his transformation to a power hitter. I wonder how he did it?? He hit 33 home runs and also stole 36 bases.

Score 1988 #223 Dave Martinez
We've got a card from Topps first set coming up and this card from Score's first set. Martinez spent only part of 1988 in Chicago before being shipped north of the border to the Expos in July. The rumor is that he was traded because he was messing around with Ryne Sandberg's wife.

Leaf 2004 #115 Juan Cruz
We see Cruz making a pitch at Wrigley in the early spring. He had a great fastball and not much else. I think the Cubs got tired of him trying to do something with his fastball because they traded him to the Braves during spring training 2004. At the time I thought it was a really poor move, but Cruz was just as erratic with the other four teams he bounced around with.

Topps 1951 #41 Johnny Schmitz
This is one of five Cubs featured in Topps first baseball release. The card is a red back. Schmitz was a two time All-Star in the late 40's, but by 1951 he must have worn his arm out. He pitched in only 8 games for the Cubs before being traded to the Dodgers on June 15.

Leaf 1991 #268 Danny Jackson
Two cards from Leaf in one week. This card shows Jackson making a pitch in spring training, 1991. The Cubs signed him as a free agent in the off season to a three year contract. He was a real bust with the Cubs, going 1-5 with a 6.75 ERA. All that for $2,625,000. Ouch!

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