Friday, August 7, 2009

Another Cubs Error

Alright, don't say it...I know the Cubs make lots of errors, so just keep your smart comments to yourself!!

I'm talking about errors on baseball cards. A few weeks ago I posted about an error on Lee Smith's 1982 Fleer card.

Today, I've got another Fleer error to show, this one on Keith Moreland's card from 1988.

This is the card that Fleer originally released. Moreland was a power hitter, so it must have been an unusual circumstance that would have seen him bunt. In fact, Moreland bunting was so rare that if you look closely, you will recognize that he is not pictured on the card. It's Cubs catcher Jody Davis who is laying down the bunt.

Fleer caught the error and later released a card with the real Keith Moreland ready to take a cut.

Moreland had a nice run during his time with the Cubs. He did some catching, played some third base, but mainly played in the outfield. Recently he did some fill-in announcing for the Cubs, both on TV (when Bob Brenly took an extended All-Star break to see his son play with the Cubs class A team in Peoria) and for Ron Santo on radio (Ron was ill). He did a nice job. I wonder if that was an audition in case Brenly ever leaves to manage again or if Santo's health keeps him from the booth.

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  1. I totally agree. I saw him on TV and heard him on the radio. I thought he was very polished. Googling him I found he's been the commentator for Texas Longhorns baseball for the last 15 years. I'd be fine with him as a replacement though I'm a fan of both Brenly and especially Santo.