Monday, August 3, 2009

A Very Generous Understatement

I got the following email a week or so ago

I have a few cubbies for you. Where should I send them?


I knew he was downsizing and I was happy to give a few Cubs cards a new home. I emailed Mark my address.

Days later the mailman dropped off a box of cards. It was a 300 count box from Mark, packed with Cubbie goodness. WOW!! I guess his definition of a few and mine are about 297 off!!

Thank you very much Mark!

I took a few minutes to redesign his blog's banner:

There were cards in the box from Topps 1970 all the way to this year. Here are a few that are new to me:

These are all from the 1991 Conlon Collection. These are sets that I'd like to put together in the near future. I like to think of baseball cards as a reference source. The Conlon cards help tell the Cubs story before the Topps era. In fact, these cards have players who appeared in the World Series in a Cubs uniform!

Some Cubs stars from the past:

And some prospect and rookie sets, including a card of the flaky Turk Wendell, who is shown jumping over the foul line.

I passed on to Sean the ones that I already had, so his collection also had some major growth to it.

Again, Mark, thank you very much for your amazing generosity!


  1. Mark did the same thing for me with the Giants. Great stuff. I love the Conlon cards. It's cool to learn baseball history through cards.

  2. Alright, a Les Walrond card. You don't see too many cards of the ex Jayhawk and Royal on the blogosphere.