Monday, August 17, 2009

Topps 2009 - Things You Don't Usually See on Baseball Cards

I've had my set for about a week now and recently spent some time browsing through all the cards. I set the following aside because they each had something that you don't usually see on baseball cards.

#625 - Jim Thome If this was the 1960's or early '70's, you would have seen this all the time. But now, you very rarely see a hatless player. The hatless Thome gives this card a kind of Heritage look to it.

#501 - Jeff Suppan When is the last time you saw a sliding mat on a card? Has there ever been one before? Obviously this was taken at spring training.

#409 - Jesse Chavez If you look behind Jesse, you see parked cars. The only cards that I can think of with cars in them are ones that show the cartoon car on the left field wall of ATT Park.

#184 - Bobby Parnell Bobby is shown in a Mets home uniform. Check the guy at second base; he is wearing a different top. So why are teammates wearing different jerseys? Has anyone ever seen that in a spring training game? I haven't.

#368 - Trevor Hoffman This card's back has the oddity. Look at the club names listed year by year. For some reason, 2003 is listed as San Diego instead of Padres. That's a pretty strange inconsistency. I wonder why the proofreader or editor never caught it. Or maybe it is a mistake to assume that Topps has someone proofread the cards before they're printed.

So I guess that means the other 655 are ok...or has anyone else noticed something unusual on a card? Post 'em if you got 'em.


  1. check out the last card in this post - - a bunch of cars in the background.

  2. wow! Eagle eye! I am impressed, expecially with that Mets card.

  3. I like finding cards that have nothing to do with baseball. Dinged Corners are the experts at this. I once pulled a picture of a subway train from a Topps pack that discussed the NY subway series.