Monday, August 24, 2009

Cubs Error Card - 1990 Score Ryne Sandberg

Here is another error card featuring a Cubs player. This time, its the 1990 Score set.

This card is the original error card. It is a highlight card that talks about Ryne Sandberg setting the major league record for a second baseman's consecutive games without an error. Ryne ended the season with a streak of 90 games, breaking the record of Manny Trillo.

The error on the card is that is lists Ryno as a third baseman. The whole point of the card is the second baseman record, yet they list him as 3B. Oops!

If this was a card from 1982, then they would have had it right. When the Cubs acquired Sandberg from the Phillies, they weren't sure where he was going to play. He went to spring training as either the center fielder or third baseman. Bump Wills had also joined the team and he was slotted for second. Coming out of Mesa, Ryne won the third baseman job. He played 133 games there, but in September, was moved to second base. Ron Cey came to the Cubs the next year to play third, and Ryne became a Hall of Fame second baseman.

Later, Score corrected the card by removing the 3B and just listing the name. Why didn't they fix it by changing the 3B to 2B? That would make more sense to me, since again, they are highlighting a second baseman record. But who ever said the card companies had to do things that made sense!

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  1. i have the card in the second picture from a 1990 pack and a price guide that came with it and the price guide said the one without the error was worth $20.