Tuesday, August 25, 2009

196(9) At A Time - Page 33

We've got a pretty nice looking page today, with seven of the nine cards showing the players in the right uniform with the right hat!

#284 - Expos Rookies Robertson spent the entire season with the Expos, though he may have wished he didn't. He was a horrible 5-16. Wegener was just as bad, going 5-14. So between the two, you have a record of 10-30!! That has to be a record for the worst pair of rookies on a card.

#285 - Don Mincher He was one of the few bright spots on the really bad Pilots. He was an All-Star in 1969, leading his team in home runs with 27 and finishing second in RBIs, with 78. After the season, the Pilots decided to sell high and sent him to Oakland for four players.

#286 - Dock Ellis Dock must have had a good workout before this picture was taken, because look at the dirt on his right leg. 1969 would be his first complete season in the majors, after spending about half the '68 season with the Pirates. He spent most of the season as a starter, but was still a work in progress, as his 11-17 record shows.

#287 - Jose Tartabull He was at the end of his career, spending the early part of 1969 in the minor leagues before the Red Sox sold him to the A's. He hit .267 in a part-time role with Oakland.

#288 - Ken Holtzman The Cubs' lefty gets his own post tomorrow.

#289 - Bart Shirley... and don't call me Shirley...I love "Airplane!"

Originally a Dodger prospect, he was taken by the Mets in the Rule 5 draft in 1967 The Mets didn't like what they saw and sent him back to LA. He failed to clear the Mendoza line in 1968, with a .181 average and never made in to the big leagues again.

#290 - Jim Kaat He looks very young in this picture, but turned 30 in 1969. Must be an old photo. I also like the beef ad on the wall over his shoulder. He was an established star pitcher, winning 25 games in 1966. 1969 would be his second of three straight 14 win seasons and his eighth of twelve straight gold gloves.

#291 - Vern Fuller After a couple seasons as a utility infielder, Fuller became the Indians starting second baseman in 1969. But he couldn't take advantage of his opportunity, hitting only .236. He was out of baseball after 1970.

#292 - Al Downing The one-time Yankee ace was facing arm trouble, and spent part of 1968 in the minor leagues. The Yankees gave up on him after he was 7-5 in 1969, trading him to the A's.

Overall Set Totals (player cards only)
Hall of Famers - 18
Hatless - 62
Airbrush - 66
Cubs (includes past, present, or future) - 45

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  1. I met Wegener in the mid 70's when he was with Tidewater. It was one of my first meetings with a player.
    As for rookie cards, I did some posts on the rookie cards of Rick Stelmaszek. He was part of some weak cards.