Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Unwanted First

Early this morning I had something happen that was a first for this blog--spam in the comments. Three different posts has comments from a visitor named "Analog". The comment pretty much mirrored the comment just above it. The comment also included a link to another site, I did not click on the link - it seemed too suspicious. I also deleted the comments.
Some digging around showed that I had a visitor from Shahapur, India at the time the comments were posted, which means one of two things. Either the Cubs gospel has spread around the world to India, or it was a spam attack. I'm going with the second! For now, I'm changing the comments settings to include word verification. Well see if that keeps Analog from returning.


  1. I have my comments set up for anonymous comments with word verification, because some fellow bloggers do not want to sign up for a free blogger account and the casual fan couldn't be bothered to sign up. Occasionally, I'll get spam. When I run across it, I delete it and move on. Unfortunately, it's the downside of letting people comment.

  2. I don't allow anonymous comments. I just don't think people should hide behind "anonymous." I realize some people use "anonymous" because they don't want to sign up for an account, and even include their name after their comment, but I don't want to encourage people saying something jerky without saying who they are.

    And it does cut down on the spam a bit.