Sunday, August 30, 2009

Five Random Cubs Cards

I have 5,452 Cubs cards from 17 different brands. A random number generator picked five of them. Here they are in the order selected.

Topps 1967 #265 Bob Hendley He spent most of 1966 in the bullpen and was 4-5. He pitched only 7 games for the Cubs in 1967 before being traded to the Mets. He is most famous for his duel with Sandy Koufax in September 1965. You can read more about that special game here.

Allen and Ginter 2007 #45 Carlos Zambrano
Big Z with the goatee. By this time he was the Cubs ace, taking that role as Kerry Wood and Mark Prior were living on the disabled list.

Topps 1987 #250 Leon Durham
The Bull is taking a cut at Shea. 1987 would be his last good year in the majors, as he belted 27 home runs. He slumped badly in 1988 and was sent to the Reds in May. The Cubs also had a young first baseman named Mark Grace ready to take over.

Goudey 2009 #292 Derrek Lee
This is one of the newer cards in my collection. Goudey is very cruel as they mention Lee's role on the Marlins 2003 championship team, a championship that was supposed to belong to the Cubs!

Fleer 1985 #67 Lee Smith
Fleer gives us a headshot of the Cubs closer. In 1984 he had 33 saves, but a 3.65 ERA, which seems high for a closer (unless your name is Kevin Gregg). He equaled his '84 save total in 1985 and lowered his ERA by half a run. I know there are those who feel he should be in the Hall of Fame (he was at one time the all-time career saves leader) but his career win-loss record is 71-92. 21 games below .500 does not belong in Cooperstown.

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