Saturday, September 28, 2013

1982 Drakes

Today I've got a look at the second Topps/Drakes set which was issued in 1982.  Like the first set, this one has 33 cards in it. The cards were available in boxes of Drakes Bakery products.  

All of the cards feature a yellow border. The American League players have red trim, while the NL cards were trimmed in green.  The AL outnumbered the NL 19 -14.

One Cub was on the checklist, the  same as the '81 set, and it was the same player, too...

...first baseman Bill Buckner.  In 1982 the Cubs were under new ownership and in a serious rebuild (sound familiar??).  Buckner was the only real name player left on the team.

The most interesting thing for me with the 1982 Drake set is the backs...

...which were the same as the base Topps set.  None of the retail sets borrowed anything from the Topps base set.  But Drakes, while having a different front, cloned the back.

Here are the Buckner Drakes and Buckner base

The number is different and a Drakes copyright was added to the bottom left corner.  Otherwise we've got carbon copies of one another.  Drakes and Topps would do the same thing with the rest of their sets.

I'm not aware of a boxed set version of the cards, so again I had to create my own version of the box front and back.


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