Friday, September 27, 2013

Post Ron Santo

The Hall of Fame third baseman was one of three Cubs to be included in all three sets.  It's surprising to me that he was in the 1961 set, since he played in just 95 games as a rookie in 1960.  But good for Post for including him.

The 1961 card has a picture of him at Wrigley Field.  The write up mentions his call up to the majors on June 26, 1960.  You can see the numbers he put up were solid numbers for a rookie.

In 1962, as they did with several players, Post used the same photo.  This time, though, it has a sort of painted look to it.  Was this to make us think it wasn't the same picture?  It didn't work.

The 1963 card gives us a new picture of Santo in the home pinstripes.  I love cards that give a nice clear look at the sleeve patch.  Maybe its because I grew up with that patch, but I sure wish the Cubs would go back to wearing it.

When I first looked at the '63 card, I thought I got another marked up one.  Look just to the left of his ear...

....and it looks like there's some sort of schmutz on his face.  But on further review, the schmutz is printed on the card and its on all the '63 Santo cards.  Printing defect, maybe?

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