Monday, September 16, 2013

Four New Relics Part 3

Hackenbush almost nailed this one!

He left the following comment on Saturday:
"Are you sure this isn't one of your fantasy mock up cards? Next you're going to show us the 2003 Mark Bellhorn bat card, right?"

The Cubs had alot of those types of guys passing through the infield throughout the 2000s....Bill Mueller, Mark Bellhorn, Jeff Baker, Mark DeRosa. Todd Walker, and today's guy...

....Mark Grudzielanek.  The card is from 2004 Topps Pristine Fantasy Favorites and its a bat card.    And yes, Hackenbush, this is the real deal.....Mark Grudzielanek is not involved in any of my fantasies nor was he a favorite of mine!

The back of the card makes note of the fact that Grudzielanek was 10th in the NL in hitting in 2003 with a .314 average.  In fact, other than Kenny Lofton's .327 average in 56 games, Grudzielanek was the Cubs top hitter.  I never would have guessed that.  He tanked in the post-season, though, hitting only .181.

Here's a fun fact from the media guide: when Grudzielanek joined the Cubs for the 2003 season, he was the first player with 12 letters in his last name on the team since 1983 (Alan Hargesheimer).

That's three relics down and one to a guess??


  1. No guess from Hackenbush yet, but I'll toss Matt Murton's name into the ring.

  2. I'd say Jeff Pico but I think he was retired before the days of relic cards. Matt Murton sounds like a good guess to me. Looks like he's hitting/hit .303 for the Hanshin Tigers this year. Go Matt!